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busTRACE is in use by leading peripheral vendors, system OEMs, software developers, integrators, technicians, and more. Below you will find some quotes from our customers. To protect the privacy of the companies and individuals using our software, only their quotes are provided:

I just wanted to say thanks again for making such a great software tool (busTRACE). You have no idea how helpful it is and how often I use it to quickly determine what went on (or is going on). It is wonderful.

I just got busTRACE yesterday, and I love the product.

The software engineering of this product is excellent. The program is easy to learn and use, and how the IO activity is display to the user is magnificent. Excellent job.

busTRACE is a great tool and a must-have for every serious developer in the storage industry, software as well as hardware.

If a customer's QA lab says there's a problem, the first thing I ask is if they have a busTRACE capture of the problem. With the trace information that busTRACE gives me, I can easily figure out and resolve a problem without even having to leave my office. What often required days of back and forth phone analysis and/or hardware being shipped back and forth or even traveling to different locations, can now be done in a matter of a few minutes via emailing busTRACE files. It has paid for itself many times over.

Fantastic product!!! It has saved me many many hours of frustration.

The software really is amazing!!!

busTRACE has significantly decreased my development time by allowing me to quickly and easily find bugs in my logic. The ability to see the CDBs and related data in the MMC standard format alone makes this tool useful; Having textual descriptions of the various field values makes it indispensable!

busTRACE 2002 was an incredible product and significantly shortened our product development time. It allowed me to watch what was going in a way no other product did. busTRACE 2003 is even better. The new features such as real-time display, better data display, and capture-at-boot options have made it even easier for me to track down problems with device I/O. Everyone I've showed it to has wanted a copy of their own.


busTRACE, with its CDB and returned data spec format has been the most help of any tool I have used to date, in quickly resolving issues with CD/DVD-R/RW hardware. It has also allowed us to more quickly tune our software through its timing analysis features. Absolutely great. Worth every dollar. I consider it indispensable.

We often deal with new and unreleased hardware and software. When a failure occurs, it is often difficult to determine what the root cause of the failure is. With busTRACE, we can quickly see the communications that go on between the software and storage peripheral. Any errors generated by the storage device, or incorrect commands sent by the software, are easily viewed allowing us to do root cause failure analysis. The fact that the software shows the commands and data transferred just like the device command specifications is a major time saver. Highly recommended!!!

Gone are the days where we used specialized USB or ATA analyzers to debug driver/firmware problems. These analyzers cost 10 to 20 times as much as busTRACE and we still use them occasionally for hardware problems, but 95% of the time busTRACE gives us much better information much quicker. Setting up the hardware analyzer, capturing and interpreting the cryptic logs can easily take several hours. With busTRACE we get a fantastic log within minutes. A truly awesome product, it paid for itself in the first week.

One of the best thing about busTRACE is that the trace files are accepted as an industry standard. I don't know of any serious player in the storage industry who doesn't use busTRACE.

We have two locations and had to ship prototype hardware back and forth on several occasions. BusTRACE has eliminated most of that need since the log files are so easy to generate (by a QA person!) and so detailed that they usually provide enough information to fix the bug without actually having to connect the hardware to the driver developer's machine. By now busTRACE has probably paid for itself many times in saved FedEx fees alone, but the big win here is reduced time to market.

What a great product! As I told you before, I already like busTRACE 2002. I depend on it and it has proved its worth countless times, but the 2003 version is even better. I love the fact that it can show formatted commands and data. That alone will save me a lot of time. Thank you again for such a great product!

busTRACE is an awesome program. I love the recent enhancements. I really love the docked views so we can see the error/cdb/raw data at the same time.