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CD/DVD Capabilities

This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding our CD/DVD Capabilities utility.

When selecting my CD-ROM drive, I get the error "Mode Sense Command Failure. Command not supported by device." Why?

In order for us to retrieve the information we want from the CD-ROM drive, it needs to support mode page 2Ah, which is the "CD/DVD Capabilities & Mechanical Status" page. If the drive doesn't support this command, we report the above message. The vast majority of CD/DVD burners support this command, as do DVD-ROM drives. Most CD-ROM drives support the command.

This application appears to be displaying incorrect information about my device, why?

It's hard to say exactly why this could be occurring. We display the information as returned from the device. If the device is an older CD/DVD drive, it may be improperly reporting the necessary information.

I understand most of the fields reported by your software, but not all. For example, what is "Can read sectors in Mode 2 Form 1 (XA) format?"

That is a relatively involved question. For example, Mode 2 Form 1 defines how data is layed out in a CD sector (e.g. user data, ECC bytes, header bytes, etc.). If you're really interested in learning more about how CDs are created, there are a number of books and downloadable specifications on the subject. Please check our Useful Links page for further research.

Under Windows 9x/Me, the software isn't detecting my CD/DVD devices. Why?

This issue can be caused by the installation of an ASPI layer, other than the default one that comes with the OS. At times, installing this layer can cause all ATAPI devices to not appear to ASPI. You may not have knowingly done this as it may have been installed with a CD Burning package, scanner software, or others. There are a variety of WEB sites with details about this issue and how to get ASPI to work properly. We recommend you do a google search for further details.