busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 9.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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Whenever we display a decoded CDB, we provide a toolbar of various options directly on top of the CDB. You can also right click on the CDB image to view equivalent options.

Selecting this option will save the CDB image to file. You can save the image in one of our supported formats:

  • PNG file (default)
  • TIFF file
  • JPEG file
  • Bitmap (BMP) file

We recommend the PNG format as it provides the highest quality with the smallest amount of disk space used.

Selecting this option will copy the contents of the window to the clipboard (in bitmap form). You can use this feature to quickly copy and paste the CDB into another document, perhaps an e-mail message.

Selecting this option will toggle the colors busTRACE uses to draw the CDB image.

For many CDBs, busTRACE will decode the CDB being sent as well as the data transferred. Perhaps you are only interested in viewing the CDB, and not the data transferred. Alternatively, you may want to view just the data decoded but not the CDB. That is what these toggle buttons do. Simply click on the item to show or hide the decoded CDB or decoded data.

By default, busTRACE shows you the decoded CDB as decoded by our busTRACE CDB database. You may, however, be more interested in viewing the actual binary data. You toggle this button to turn on or off our binary analysis feature.

If a decoded item is too large to fit within its window, a … indicator will appear to the left or right of the field letting you know that additional text is available. Simply move your mouse over that item and a tool tip will appear giving you additional information.

You can use these two buttons to decide if you want fields that do not fit to be left or right aligned.

By default, the CDB window auto-stretches to fit the available width of the window. By clicking on the toggle, you can configure busTRACE to use a fixed size for the decoded CDB. You can then use the slider to choose your desired width.

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