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  When busSTRESS has finished its stress test, the Stress Test Results window will update itself with the final test status. In this sample test of Drive F:\, the stress test stopped due to user intervention without error:


If a data miscompare is detected, or ANY unexpected Windows API failure occurs, details on the error will appear in this window. For example, when stress testing a USB Flash Drive, we removed the flash drive unexpectedly and received the following errors:

In the above screenshot, you can see that the stress test failed. Each background thread lets you know exactly why it failed and/or stopped the stress test:

Thread 1 Status: This thread stopped because the DeleteFileW() API failed with a return code of 2. This code indicates that "The system cannot find the file specified." This makes sense since the flash drive was removed prematurely.

Thread 2 Status: This thread stopped because the CreateFileW() API failed with a return code of 2. This is an identical error code to Thread 1.

Thread 3 and Thread 4: These threads stopped on their own as they received notification from another thread (i.e. their sibling) that an error has occurred. Whenever one thread detects a fatal error, it notifies all the other threads to stop the test.

If a data miscompare were detected, busSTRESS would show you which file had the miscompare and where in the file the miscompare occurred. You could then use the Examine File feature to view the data file.

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