busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 9.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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Previous sections have described the layout of busTRACE and how to set your capture settings. The only thing remaining is starting the busTRACE capture.

Capturing I/O activity is simple. Once you have selected which devices to capture, and configured your capture settings, simply click on the Capture! button on the toolbar.

To stop the capture process, simply click on the Capture! button again. If you prefer the keyboard, you can press <F2> to start and stop the capture process. You can also get to this option from the Tools main menu.

Once you start the capture process, a docked Capture Status window automatically appears showing you some capture statistics. If you have live capture analysis enabled, you will be able to see and analyze the I/O activity as it occurs (see I/O Capture List).

If you are capturing I/O across multiple remote systems at the same time, you can now tell busTRACE to stop the capture across all sessions at the same time. You can get to this feature in one of two ways. The fastest is to press Alt-F2. You can also choose the Stop All Active Bus Captures option from the Tools main menu.

When the capture is active, if you want to reset and restart the capture (i.e. empty the capture buffer and continue the capture), you can press Ctrl+R or choose "Restart Capture" from the Tools main menu.

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