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This web page refers to our older busTRACE 9.0. Click here for details on our latest busTRACE version.

View Device Sense Codes
When a device fails a CDB, a check condition (02h - SCSISTAT_CHECK_CONDITION) is returned to Windows. A Request Sense CDB is then issued to retrieve the sense data. busTRACE 9.0 includes an application that allows you to convert numeric sense codes into their descriptive text.


The entire list of currently defined sense codes is just a click away. You can use the vertical scrollbar, or the mouse wheel, to view the available sense codes. If you want to find a specific sense code decoding, simply enter the hex value and busTRACE 9.0 will immediately scroll and jump to the description.

busTRACE 9.0 also allows you to filter out the sense code descriptions based on your input filter. For example, if we specify a filter of "Invalid," you receive a subset of the available sense code descriptions.

Once you have found the sense code you were looking for, you can simply right click on the description and select the option to copy it to the clipboard.

Key Features
Only available in the Professional Edition of busTRACE 9.0
View all known sense codes as defined by SPC
Filter the sense codes to only show you those descriptions that match your filter criteria
Type in any sense code value to find the sense code description
Copy the sense code to the clipboard

Additional details available in the busTRACE 9.0 help file