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This is a simple utility that allows you to view details about your CD-Recorder and the media that is inserted into the drive. This utility shows you which of your CD/DVD devices Windows XP (and above) have installed CD Recording support for.

Windows XP includes support for recording your own CDs directly in the operating system. This is done via the Microsoft IMAPI (Image Mastering API) interface. IMAPI allows an application to "burn" a simple data CD or audio CD. The specific formats that are supported are Redbook audio discs, and data discs with both Joliet and ISO-9660.

Our utility uses the Microsoft IMAPI interface to show the CD Recorders that Windows XP supports. We allow you to view device characteristics such as the maximum write speed, current write speed, and more. This utility serves as a good example for some the capabilities of the IMAPI interface. Specifically, we make use of the following interfaces: IDiscMaster, IEnumDiscRecorders, IDiscRecorder, IDiscMasterProgressEvents, IPropertyStorage, and others.

You can run this utility from the busTRACE Start Menu. This utility is only supported on Windows XP and above.

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