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While you are creating your script, you will want to test / debug the script. Simply click on the Run Script toolbar button to have the Run Script docked window appear. Click on the toolbar button again to hide the Run Script window.

The Run Script docked window will show you the devices that busSCRIPT has enumerated on your system (matching your script's device criteria). The tree view will show you the device name to the left and the current script status on that device to the right. In the above screenshot, the script is currently idle (i.e. it is not running).

A variety of run / debug toolbar options are available within the Run Script docked window.

When you click on the Run button, the script will run to completion.

If you have configured the script for debug mode (by clicking on the button), the Run button will be converted to a Step button. You can then click on this button to run the script one node at a time. The node that is about to run will appear in the Status column. It will also appear selected in the script matrix window.

You can press the Pause button to temporarily pause a script. Simply press the button again to have the script continue.

You can abort the running script at any time by clicking on the Stop button.

As described above, by clicking on the Debug Mode button, you are configuring busSCRIPT to allow you to step through the execution of the script one node at a time.

Clicking on this button will force busSCRIPT to reenumerate your system for any devices that match your device list criteria.

When a script has finished executing, if you have configured the script to save the results to a busTRACE capture file, you can click on this button to save the results to a busTRACE capture file.

If you want to have your script executed on a remote user's system, you can create an executable script.

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