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You can configure your script to display a message to the user or to ask the user a question. Simply drag and drop the Display Message option from the Script Nodes docked window into your script matrix window. To edit the script node, you simply double-click the node (in the script matrix window) or right click the node and choose the Edit Node option.

When the script is running, it will display the given message to the user and wait for them to respond before the script continues running.

Message Icons

You select the type of icon you want displayed to the user in the message box that will be displayed.

Message Text

Here you type in the message you want to diplay to the user. You can also click on the Variables button, to the right of the edit box, to insert a script variable into the message to be displayed. When the script runs, it will convert the variable into its currently set value. For example, if you want to let the user know that a disc has been erased in their drive, you might enter:

The disc has been erased in your #DeviceVendorID# #DeviceProductID# drive.

If you are running a device from Vendor ABC, with a Product ID of DVD-01, the actual message to the user would be displayed as:

The disc has been erased in your ABC DVD-01 drive.

Message Buttons

Select the Buttons to Display option to let the script know which buttons you want to display on the message box. Select the Default Button option to choose which button will be the default button.

When you are done editing your options, click on the Test Message Box button to see how the message will be displayed to the user when the script runs.

Message Node Links

If you have configured the Display Message Node to ask the user a question, you will likely want your script to branch to different script nodes depending on how the user responded to the question. The Node Links property page allows you to adjust those settings. When you view the available links, simply click on the Add Link option. The bottom of the context menu will show you the available links depending on how you configured this node.

For example, let's say you configured the script to have a Yes, No, Cancel message box. When you edit the node links, you will be given the option to add a Yes branch, No branch, and a Cancel branch. In this screenshot, instead of clicking on the Add Link option, we right clicked on the list to get to the same options:

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