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A script node is a single operation that you can have the script perform. For example, this could range from sending a CDB to a device, pausing for some set amount of time, or displaying a message to the user. Script nodes are what you place within the script matrix window. Node links tell the script which node to move to once a script node has completed.

You can add script nodes to your script matrix from the Script Nodes window or from the Predefined CDBs window.

The available script nodes are:

You can edit a script node by double-clicking on the node within the script matrix window. Each script node will show you a General tab and a Node Links tab. Additional tabs may appear depending on the type of node you are editing.

The General tab shows you those node settings that are common to all script nodes. In addition to the global setting to enable or disable busTRACE capture, you can also enable or disable busTRACE capture on a per script node basis. Simply place a checkmark next to the Enable busTRACE Capture on this node option to enable capture.

You can also enter any text you like in the Comments section. This can be used to help you document the script. For example, you could type in the reason you want this node to execute at the given point in the script.

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