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busSCRIPT allows you to build up a simple script of Command Descriptor Blocks (CDBs) to send to a storage device such as a CD/DVD device, hard drive, tape drive, etc. To get to this application, launch the busTRACE 8.0 Start Menu and then choose the Send a sequence of CDBs to a storage device option.

Using busSCRIPT, with just a few clicks, you can create your own executable script that can be shared with others. You can even have the results of the CDBs executed saved to a busTRACE capture file. You can then load the results into busTRACE for detailed analysis. You can, for example, create a simple script to enumerate information from a customer's storage devices, send them an executable script, they send you back the busTRACE capture file, and you can then perform detailed analysis on your customer's storage devices. This is one example of the many ways to benefit from using busSCRIPT.

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