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When busCHECK completes its device tests, the test results will be displayed. One of the options available to you is to Save log file with busTRACE capture file. busCHECK stores its tests results into a busTRACE capture file. You can then load the capture file within busTRACE for detailed analysis. You may wonder why busCHECK is also providing you a parallel option to save the results to a log file as well.

The log file simply provides you the sequence of CDBs sent and how they were processed by the selected device. We show if the CDB was successful and if there was any data in or data out. We save the log file in a text format and only display information in the log file that makes it ideal for text difference tools. You can then easily compare one log file with another.

Comparing firmware changes

If you are a device vendor, and you run your v1.01 firmware through busCHECK, you can save the test results to a log file. If you then are working on v1.02 of your firmware, you can then run it through busCHECK and save its test results to a second log file. If you compare those two log files, you can quickly determine how one firmware revision differs from another.

busCHECK doesn't provide any built-in text difference tool. There are MANY free and low-cost text difference tools available to you. Within the busCHECK Test Results, we provide you links to many 3rd party tools. Simply click on the Compare Log Files link.

For our testing, we find ExamDiff Pro to be well suited to our needs. Using our hypothetical example of a v1.01 firmware against a v1.02 firmware, comparing both log files might show you:

In this example above, you can see how comparing two log files allows you to quickly see exactly what changed from one firmware revision to the next. We see that our test device is now returning 01 instead of 07 in the Get Configuration Core feature descriptor.

Comparing one drive to another

Instead of comparing one firmware revision to another, you may want to compare your drive with another vendor's driver (or perhaps another model from your own company). By saving the test results to a log file, you can easily determine how your drive differs from other drives.

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