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Once you have configured busCHECK, and started the defect checks, a window will appear showing you the current status of the test.

If any user interaction is required for the test to continue, blinking red instructions will appear above the Execution Status letting you know what to do. busCHECK will not continue with the test until you perform the required task. In the example above, busCHECK is waiting for the user to insert a blank CD-R disc into the drive and closing the tray.

Execution Status

This section will always show you the CDB busCHECK is currently sending to the device. If the CDB takes a long time to process, you can look at the Elapsed field to know how long it is taking for the CDB to complete

Drive Status

This section will provide details on the drive status. If the drive is returning check conditions, details on the check conditions are provided here. If the drive is actively processing CDBs without any errors, a Ready state will be shown.

Aborting the Test

You can abort busCHECK at any time. Simply click on the Abort button and follow the on-screen prompts. If the tests are aborted before they come to completion, you will still be able to save the results to a busTRACE capture file. However, since you did not let all the tests run to completion, you will not get our full analysis.

Test Completion

When the test goes to completion, the status window will close. If you enabled any defect checks in the Application Settings, busCHECK will automatically scan through the processed CDBs and will then show you its test results. Analyzing the busCHECK results will normally take a few seconds before the results are displayed. A progress indicator will appear to let you know how far along the analysis is.

You may be interested in knowing that the busCHECK analysis is actually performed by the busTRACE application. busCHECK will launch the busTRACE application, have it perform the analysis, and then display the summary test results to you. You can then save the results to a busTRACE capture file and load the file within busTRACE for detailed analysis.

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