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The I/O Capture List window shows you a list of all I/Os that have been captured. Each row displays a single I/O captured, while each column displays information regarding that I/O. The column header gives you a textual description, or icon, describing the data contained in that column. By floating the mouse over the column header, a tool tip appears giving you detailed information.

By right clicking on any of the column headers, additional customization options will appear.

Sort Ascending

Sort Descending

Sort Options...

Selecting this option allows you to sort I/O activity on the selected column.
Alignment You can configure busTRACE to align the specific column text. You can align left, align right, or align center.
Best Fit Select this option to automatically adjust the width of the column so that all of the column data is visible, without any extra space wasted.
Remove This Column Select this option to remove the column from view.
Customize Capture Columns... Select this option to customize which columns appear in the I/O Capture List.

On the column header itself you will find additional capabilities beyond the right click options we just described. By moving the mouse pointer to float in between the column headers, you can left click and adjust the width of each column. This feature is limited to text columns, not to iconic columns. Iconic columns have a fixed width you cannot adjust.

You can also move the columns around if you desire. Simply move the mouse pointer over the column header, click on it and drag-and-drop it into its desired position. When dragging, an insertion point drawing will appear showing you where the column would be newly positioned.

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