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Within our busTRACE 8.0 applications, information/configuration windows are stored in separate panes (also referred to as docked windows). Upon installation, our software will position the panes in their default positions. You may prefer a different user interface layout. To reposition a pane, simply click on the pane's caption (leaving the left mouse button pressed down) and drag-n-drop the pane to your new preferred position. This could be to a floating window or docked to a new location.

As you drag the pane, you will see a drop indicator appear, showing you where the new pane will appear (either floating or in its new docked position). If you hold down the Ctrl key, while performing the drag-n-drop operation, you are informing our software that you do not want the pane to dock. Rather, the window will be left as a floating pane. This is a useful feature if you want precise placement of a floating pane.

NOTE: If you double-click on the pane's caption bar, you can toggle between its docked and undocked state.

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