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busTRACE 8.0 includes a built-in Internet auto-updater. This feature ensures that our software is up-to-date with the latest product updates. The easy-to-use wizard checks the Internet for any updates, downloads any updates that are available, and automatically installs the updates for you.

You can run the auto-updater at any time simply by selecting Check for Updates... from the busTRACE Start Menu or from the Internet menu option available within many of our applications.

Although you can check for updates at any time, busTRACE 8.0 defaults to prompting you once a month to let it check the Internet for any updates. It will also prompt you the very first time you run busTRACE 8.0. We strongly encourage you to let busTRACE check and download any updates. We update our product regularly with decoding support for the latest Command Descriptor Blocks as well as adding new features and enhancements.

If your system does not have an Internet connection, you cannot use the auto-update feature. You can, however, manually download the update from a system that has an Internet connection, and then bring it over to your test system (you can copy it onto your busTRACE Flash Drive). Updates can be downloaded from our WEB site:


NOTE: Our auto-updater is only available to those customers who have maintained their busTRACE subscription.