busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 8.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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Each purchase of busTRACE 8.0 comes with a custom busTRACE USB Flash Drive. The flash drive comes pre-installed with our busTRACE software. Simply insert the flash drive, go to the flash drive letter, and run our setup program you will find there.

As a licensee of busTRACE, you are allowed to use the software and flash drive on any computer you choose, including installing the software on multiple computers and moving the flash drive from system to system as needed. If you have purchased a busTRACE Single User License (our standard product), you are the only user allowed to use the software and flash drive. If you have purchased a busTRACE Multi-User License, only the licensed users can share the one flash drive.

In order to use busTRACE 8.0, you will need to have the busTRACE flash drive installed on the target system. The exception to this is when you are doing a remote capture or running a capture client. If you are capturing I/O on a remote computer, the flash drive is not needed on that remote system (i.e. the server). Instead, it is only needed on the system that is connecting to the remote system (i.e. the client). In fact, the client system can connect and capture multiple server systems simultaneously. Refer to our Remote busTRACE Capture section for full details.