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This web page refers to our older busTRACE 8.0. Click here for details on our latest busTRACE version.

CD/DVD Exclusive Access Status
Microsoft Windows Vista includes the ability for software applications, and drivers, to gain exclusive access of a CD/DVD/BD/HD drive. busTRACE 8.0 includes an application that allows you to view the current lock status or to have our software gain the exclusive lock.


Starting with Windows Vista, the CD-ROM class driver includes support for an IOCTL_CDROM_EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS request. This request instructs the CD-ROM class driver to 1.) Report the access state of a CD-ROM device, 2.) Lock a CD-ROM device for exclusive access, or 3.) Unlock a CD-ROM device for exclusive access.

Using this application, you can quickly determine which software (if any) currently owns the exclusive lock on your optical drives.

If you are a software engineer, or test engineer, you can also use our application to gain the exclusive lock. This is an easy method for you to determine how your optical software behaves when another application owns the exclusive lock.

In addition to allowing you to Lock the device, or Unlock the device, you can select the "Extra" toolbar button to exercise several additional IOCTLs. These include IOCTL_STORAGE_MCN_CONTROL, IOCTL_STORAGE_EJECT_MEDIA, IOCTL_STORAGE_LOAD_MEDIA, and IOCTL_STORAGE_LOAD_MEDIA2.

NOTE: IOCTL_CDROM_EXCLUSIVE_ACCESS is now supported in Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

Key Features
Only available in the Professional Edition of busTRACE 8.0
Quickly determine which software, if any, has the exclusive lock on your CD/DVD/HD/BD device
Have our software gain the exclusive lock to see how your software reacts to it
Issue additional IOCTLs

Additional details available in the busTRACE 8.0 help file