This web page refers to our older busTRACE 7.0 which is no longer shipping. Click here for details on our latest generation busTRACE software.

busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 7.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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busTRACE 7.0 includes the ability to show you any data file in hex / ASCII format. This feature is accessible from the busTRACE Start Menu, or by pressing the Examine File toolbar button within busSTRESS. This utility can be useful when examining a file where a data miscompare was detected.

You select the file you want to view and a hex editor will appear showing you the file contents:

This is similar to how our bus capture program shows you its data capture.

NOTE: Our file viewer supports files up to 2 GBytes in size. If you try to open a file larger than 2 GByte, our software will prompt you to select a 1 GByte range within the file that you would like to view.

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