This web page refers to our older busTRACE 7.0 which is no longer shipping. Click here for details on our latest generation busTRACE software.

busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 7.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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busSCRIPT allows you to build up a sequence of Command Descriptor Blocks that you can send to one or more storage devices. You can use busSCRIPT to test and debug your script. Once your script is finished, you can choose to create an executable script that you can share with others to run on their computers.

When you are ready to create an executable script, click on the Create Executable Script toolbar button from the main user interface.

You will then be shown a standard Save As dialog box. The executable script is saved, by default, in a ZIP file. The user you send the executable script simply needs to unzip the files onto their computer and run the BSClient.exe executable file.

NOTE: If you prefer a .EXE file over a .ZIP file, in the Save As dialog box, you can click on the "Save as type:" drop down list option and choose "Executable File." Using this method has the following advantages and disadvantages over a ZIP file:

Advantage: The user does not need to unzip the file. They simply run the executable and follow the on screen prompts.

Disadvantage: The executable is not digitally "signed" as coming from busTRACE Technologies (since we didn't create it). This has a negative appearance on Windows Vista where a strong warning will be displayed asking you permission before letting the executable run. We recommend you use ZIP files instead of EXE files as the ZIP file format is better suited for Vista.

Creating executable scripts has a variety of uses. One of the main benefits is the ability to retrieve information from a system that is not readily available to you. For example:

  • You create an executable script that enumerates device / media information from a target computer
  • You e-mail the executable script to a target user
  • Target user runs the script and saves its results to a busTRACE capture file
  • Target user e-mails you the busTRACE capture file
  • You load up the capture file into busTRACE 7.0 for detailed analysis

By bringing in the capture file into busTRACE, you are able to see exactly how the customer's target system responded to your script.

OS Compatibility

Please note that executable scripts are only compatible with Windows 2000 and above (x86 or x64 platforms). They are not compatible with Windows 95/98/Me.

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