This web page refers to our older busTRACE 7.0 which is no longer shipping. Click here for details on our latest generation busTRACE software.

busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 7.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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In addition to the left and right click options you have within the I/O Capture List header, you can also adjust which columns to view from our Customize Capture Columns dialog box. You can get to this by right clicking on the column header, or selecting Capture Columns… from the View main menu.

Within the dialog box, you can specify which columns you want viewed and in what order.

In addition to using the Add -> and <- Remove buttons, you can also drag-and-drop fields between the Available fields window and the Show these fields in this order window.

In addition to using the Move Up and Move Down buttons, you can also reposition the windows by using drag-and-drop within the Show these fields in this order window.

Simply click on the Defaults button to reset the column capture columns back to initial settings.

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