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Within the Capture Settings pane, you can view the selected device's Device Information . The available values will vary depending on whether you have selected a USB device or a storage device.

Sample Storage Device Information
Sample USB Device Information

Device Information (Any Device Type)

Device Name This field shows you the name of the device. This is the same name as what appears in the Capture Devices window.
Hardware ID This field shows you a unique identifier for the selected device.
Driver This field shows you the name of the device driver that enumerated the device. This field may or may not be present. If not present, it simply indicates that busTRACE was unable to determine which driver enumerated the device. When present, you can click on the "+" icon to the left to view detailed information about the driver such as its version, company name, location, and more.
Bus Type This field shows you the type of I/O bus that is in use for the device (e.g. SCSI, ATA, ATAPI, USB, 1394, etc.)
Time Registered This field shows you the time from when the Windows boot sequence started, to the point where the device was enumerated and registered by the operating system. For example, a value of 00:00:03.974 indicates that, 3.974 seconds into the system boot, the operating system registered the given device. A value of 00:02:05.523 would indicate that 2 minutes, 5.523 seconds after the boot sequence started, the device was registered by the operating system. The time value could be very large if you hot insert a device days after the system was booted.

Device Information (Storage Devices)

Vendor ID This field shows you the Vendor ID for the device.
Product ID This field shows you the Product ID for the device.
Revision This field shows you the Product Revision for the device.
Device Type This field shows you the device type (i.e. Direct Access Device, CD/DVD device, etc.)
Location If applicable, this field shows you the device's bus location (e.g. target ID, LUN, etc.)

Device Information (USB Devices)

USB Device Descriptor This field shows you the USB device descriptor for the selected device. This is equivalent to the USB_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR structure as described in Microsoft's Windows Driver Development Kit.
USB Descriptors This field will show you any configuration descriptors (USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR), interface descriptors (USB_INTERFACE_DESCRIPTOR), and endpoint descriptors (USB_ENDPOINT_DESCRIPTOR) that were enumerated for the selected USB device. If available, USB hub descriptors are also shown.
USB Pipes When USB device drivers want to communicate with an endpoint on the device, they do so through USB pipes (USBD_PIPE_INFORMATION). This field will show you a list of all pipe structures that were created for the selected device object.

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