This web page refers to our older busTRACE 7.0 which is no longer shipping. Click here for details on our latest generation busTRACE software.

busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 7.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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Within our busTRACE 7.0 applications, information/configuration windows are stored in separate panes (also referred to as docked windows). Upon installation, our software will position the panes in their default positions. You may prefer a different user interface layout. To reposition a pane, simply click on the pane's caption (leaving the left mouse button pressed down) and drag-n-drop the pane to your new preferred position. This could be to a floating window or docked to a new location.

As you drag the pane, you will see a drop indicator appear, showing you where the new pane will appear (either floating or in its new docked position). If you hold down the Ctrl key, while performing the drag-n-drop operation, you are informing our software that you do not want the pane to dock. Rather, the window will be left as a floating pane. This is a useful feature if you want precise placement of a floating pane.

NOTE: If you double-click on the pane's caption bar, you can toggle between its docked and undocked state.

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