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This web page refers to our older busTRACE 6.0 which is no longer shipping. Click here for details on our latest busTRACE version.

busTRACE 6.0 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, software bus analyzer. To capture I/O activity, you simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Select which devices you want to capture in the "Capture Devices" pane
  2. Adjust your device capture settings and/or trigger points, on a per device basis, in the "Capture Settings" pane
  3. Click on the "Capture!" toolbar button to start the capture sequence.
  4. All captured I/O activity appear in the I/O Capture List window (in the "Local Capture" tab below).
  5. When you select an I/O from the I/O Capture List, the I/O is fully decoded for you in the I/O Details window directly below the I/O Capture List. You are given several views of the captured I/O including detailed error analysis, full CDB decoding, the raw hex data for any inbound or outbound data, and the decoded structure used to submit the I/O request.