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CDB is an acronym for Command Descriptor Block. CDBs are used to send commands to storage class devices (e.g. hard drive, CD/DVD drive, tape drive, etc.). Because of this, the CDB 1 and CDB 2 windows will ONLY show you data for storage class I/O activity. These windows will not display any information if you are analyzing low-level USB activity (i.e. USB Request Blocks / URBs).

Please review our CDB Decoding Options section for details on the available toolbar buttons.

You may be wondering why there are two CDB windows, CDB 1 and CDB 2. These windows show the EXACT same decoded CDB. Why have it appear twice then?

Although CDB 1 and CDB 2 both show you the same decoded CDB, you can configure each one independently. For example, perhaps you want CDB 1 to show you only the data decoded and no CDB decoded. You might want CDB 2 to do the opposite and show you only the CDB decoded and no data decoded. The choice is up to you.

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