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If you have added a CDB to your script, and the device returns inbound data (i.e. Inquiry, Read Buffer, Read LBA, etc.), you can create a node link to have the script branch if the returned data contains a specified value.

When you click on the Add Link toolbar option (on the Node Links page), you are given the option to Branch on CDB Data match . If you choose the option, the following dialog will appear:

Here you specify where in the returned data the expected data is. For example, in Inquiry data, the Peripheral Device Type field is stored in byte #0, bits 4-0. If you were interested in creating a node link for an Inquiry CDB that returns device type 5, you would use the following settings:

Start Byte: 0
Start Bit: 4
Stop Byte: 0
Stop Bit: 0

You would set the value for the branch as a value of 5.

By default, we use the "==" operator in Step 3 to perform the branch if the specified data matches exactly the specified value. If you prefer, you can choose from the drop down list option to use the !=, >, >=, <, or <= operator instead.

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