busTRACE This WEB page comes from the busTRACE 10.0 User's Manual. (Table of Contents)

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busTRACE allows you to import bus captures as saved by other products. This provides you to benefits of our advanced decoding abilities while analyzing bus captures saved from 3rd party products.

To import a 3rd party bus capture file (i.e. not one captured by our software), select "Import..." from the "File" main menu:

Finisar Bus Doctor ATAPI Captures

busTRACE 10.0 allow you to import ATAPI bus captures as saved from Finisar's Bus Doctor software. You will need to export your capture to a "States" text file before you can import the results into busTRACE. When you select "Import..." from the file menu, you need to let busTRACE know what type of ATAPI device you were capturing. This allows our CDB decoding engine to properly decode the CDBs processed by your ATAPI device.

When viewing a Bus Doctor capture within busTRACE, please be aware of the following issues:

  • The "Counter" column within busTRACE will use the "Store #" value as stored within the Bus Capture text file. This allows you to easily correlate a busTRACE capture against your text file. This also explains why the Counter values increment by more than one with each captured CDB.
  • Many of the columns available for display within busTRACE are not applicable to a Bus Doctor capture. These include the Originator, Timeout, Trigger Indicator, and more. The main goal of importing the capture is to show you the commands going out and the data going in/out.
  • Our ability to import a Bus Doctor capture file could be affected by any changes in the Bus Doctor software or by a capture that our application is not able to import. If you encounter any problem during the import process, busTRACE will notify you of the error and provide you an error code. If you experience any issues, we will work with you to see if an update to busTRACE can resolve the import issue. Please contact us through our web site for assistance.