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When sharing busTRACE capture files with others, you may find it useful to only save a handful of captured I/Os. For example, if you have 10,000 I/Os captured, but only one is needed to show a firmware defect, you may be interested in only saving that one captured I/O to file. That makes it easier for another user analyzing the capture file to get to the I/Os of interest.

The first step to saving selected I/O activity is to select those I/Os you are interested in saving to file. In the I/O Capture List window, while holding down the Ctrl key, you can click on each I/O you want to select. If the Shift key is held down, this will select a range of I/Os. If you only want to save a single I/O, simply click on that one I/O.

Move the mouse pointer over any of the selected I/Os, right click, and choose the Save Selected I/Os option.

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